How to Apply


1. Push cuticles back.

2. Wash hands and clean nails with alcohol wipe.
3. Hold the nail strip over your fingernail and make sure it is the proper size.

*It should be slightly smaller than your nail. You don’t want it to sit on your skin because it will lift if on skin. If it is too big, you can trim it with a cuticle scissors. You can purchase a Pair of Cuticle Scissors from us by buying our "Everything You Need" Starter Tool & Template Kit.
4. Separate it from the mid line of the attachment where the 2 sets of strips attach. 
5. Pull off the clear plastic covering (it is harder to do later). Pull it starting at the silver and white tab where you separated it from the mid line.

*You CAN touch the sticky part of the strip with your fingers!
6. Peel off the white backing.

*When peeling the white backing we like to use a cuticle pusher to start the peel.
*We always hold the strip with our fingers, to make it easier to apply.
*IMPORTANT- longer nails can only get one strip to fit one nail but shorter nails to get one strip to fit 2 nails. You need to trim the tab part off of the one side with a cuticle scissors. (It isn’t perforated). It is very easy, you just follow the silver line. Please refer to our YouTube Video.
7. Place the strip on your nail, if you need to reposition it, pull it up slowly. They are more durable than other brands, so you can reposition them a few times if needed, but they are more fragile than Vinyl. Please see our other YouTube Video. You will get the hang of it quickly.
8. Once the position is good, press the strip onto your nail by rubbing first down the middle of your nail, cuticle to tip, then run down one side of your nail then down the other.

*We demonstrate this in the first YouTube video for you.

*You may have little bumps that need to be rubbed out. Use the heat of your hand to rub them out. At the tip of the nail, stretch the strip a little bit and pull it down to avoid wrinkles, as shown the video.

9. File off the excess strip at a 90 degree angle, downward only. 
10. Pull off the excess strip & clean up the tip of the nail with your file.
11. You can layer them for a fun look! We suggest layering with our fun holographic overlays or sparkle overlays! 
12. Top with clear nail polish top coat, or clear Gel.

We recommend CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat (Available in our Tools and Templates Section).
13-DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER FOR 8 HOURS- so adhesive can set

*Keep the remaining portion of your strips fresh by sealing them in the bag that they came in by using either a hair straightener, a lighter, or a bag sealer.  This keeps air from drying out the remaining strips. You can purchase a Mini Bag Sealer from us by buying our "Everything You Need" Starter Tool & Template Kit.

**Color Crush Real Nail Polish Strips™ are for external use only**

How to Properly Apply Color Crush Real Nail Polish Strips

Here is the video mentioned above! This is how anyone who wants perfect nails can apply Color Crush real nail polish strips without bumps, wrinkles, bubbles, or lifting! This also shows how to keep them on until YOU remove them!


There are 2 methods of removal:
Soak in a little bit of nail polish remover for a minute and then use a cuticle stick to break the seal at the cuticle and peal them off.
Soak a little bit of nail polish remover for about 5 minutes and rub off like nail polish.

Important tip:

If you live in a cold climate and you are applying the strips immediately after you receive them, or if your home is cold/the strips have been kept in a cold area, please note: The strips are real nail polish and may be a bit firm when cold. They should easily stretch and not snap! So, if one snaps, or they are hard to work with, put a hair dryer on low heat and hit the strips with the air for ONLY A FEW SECONDS! (Too long will melt them! Too little is better than too much!) This will soften them up a bit so they are more pliable.